X23 promotes EU ECO-TANDEM programme: Tradition and innovation in creating a network for a collaborative eco community

X23 promotes EU ECO-TANDEM programme: Tradition and innovation in creating a network for a collaborative eco community

X23 Srl,  a private research centre, supporting new entrepreneurs, established businesses and companies, according to an innovative approach and mindset, in line with the SDGs goals and principles.

We encourage SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) in a traditional tourism field to get in touch with start-ups and innovators, with pioneers from other sectors, for a “mutual benefit” company from with the name “Tandem” derives. The aim is to find innovative solutions to help traditional SMEs to adopt to a more eco-sustainable approach in the tourism sector. If you own or work in a traditional tourism SME or if you are an entrepreneur in the tourism sector, you can participate in the EU ECO-TANDEM project.

The participation in the project allows you to:

  1. strengthen your skills and discover the know-how on sustainable tourism management and the circular economy;
  2. learn how to initiate the ecological transition of your company; collaborate and learn from a deep-tech start-ups;
  3. increase your competitiveness in the tourism market;
  4. access funding for the eco-innovative pilot project;
  5. become part of a European network of SMEs and organizations active in the sustainable tourism sector:
  6. gain visibility through the project’s dissemination channels.

The contingencies lead to a restyling of the distorted tourist offers. The latest data from the UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) shows a world balance got low, in August 2020 we see -70% of  the international arrivals in the world, which in numbers is the decrease from 850 million to 1.1 billion international tourists. A loss of $ 910 billion to $ 1.2 trillion in tourism export revenue and 100-120 million jobs at risk. In this scenario, Europe is aligned with -69% of the foreign arrivals. The growth trends recorded up to 2019 all over the world, and in particular in the main European destinations, have been subverted thanks to the digital growth incidence of the Asian and US markets.

Thanks to the EU ECO-TANDEM project, the focus is on new, more sustainable and responsible approaches and the methodologies with an aim to give a great value to the tourism supply chain.

Nowadays more travelers are relying on the sustainability. More of them want to have the exclusive holidays, seeking to be immersed in the territory and their cultures, their way of living and exploring the uncontaminated environments. The question, which appeared now is how the tourism professionals are able to manage the competences they have, the skills and technological innovation to rule this virtuous processes? The challenge, is that the people and companies from different disciplines do not naturally start collaborating with each other, however that’s exactly where we at EU ECO- TANDEM see the solution for the sustainable tourism issues!

We want to bring the public attention to the tourism companies who are  open to collaboration and seeking for the interdisciplinary resources and skills necessary to organize such successful collaborations in order to shift to the eco- world we all need!

With the EU ECO-TANDEM program, the tourism industry is expected to change rapidly!

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