The ongoing journey of EU UNESCO4ALL TOUR: our three first months!

The ongoing journey of EU UNESCO4ALL TOUR: our three first months!

The EU UNESCO4ALL TOURThe EU UNESCO4ALL TOUR Project was one out of the seven selected by the EASME – European Union of the call for proposals COS-TOURSYN-2018-3-01, objecting the support of the development and promotion of transnational thematic tourism products. With the achievement, it was celebrated the kick-off with all coordinators on March 29, 2019, in Brussels.

The project was officially initiated on March 15, 2019, and we have already so much to tell about these three months!
Our project aims to create an innovative, thematic, transnational tourism product addressed to the cultural heritage and accessible tourism, combining together different but common UNESCO cultural WH sites in Europe by a thematic narrative logic. The project will focus on UNESCO built heritage and specially churches, monasteries, cathedrals in 4 different EU Member States (Italy, Spain, Croatia and Bulgaria) according to a spiritual narrative to create innovative tourism packages addressed – but not limited to – to people with visual impairments, so including all kind of audiences.

The four destinations already chose are:
o The Basilica of Aquileia, in Italy;
o The Alhambra, in Spain;
o The Cathedral St James, in Croatia; and
o The Rila, in Bulgaria.

EU UNESCO4ALL TOUR Kick-off_Italy_pictureOn April 17, 2019, the Kick-off Meeting was celebrated in Italy at X23 (Lead Partner) company’s head office, with the representatives for each of the EU UNESCO4ALL TOUR Consortium. The meeting had the purpose to discuss together the implementation plan of the project and to provide a few key information to the partners as well. The Kick-off Meeting represented an important milestone for all the partners to align the interests and objectives of the project and to remark the main goal of the project: to change the paradigm in accessing cultural heritage by visually impaired and the blinds. The meeting had a very informal approach, enabling the partners to get familiar with the inherent innovation rooted into the EU UNESCO4ALL TOUR concept and project-design, the components required to create a specific “Tourism-product” to
deliver to the final beneficiaries. Special attention also was given to the methodology of the project , which includes two main phases (“intelligent work” and “pilot actions”), and the expected results of EU UNESCO4ALL TOUR. As usual it was great to have the partners coming together and give a face to the persons we just speak for the previous months!

Since the kick-off, a few key tasks were started, as they represent the foundation of the entire project, such as the visual identity study, producing the project’s logo, which aims to speak for the accessibility to the target audience, with traits representing a Braille language. We have also started the mapping of the relevant stakeholders in the partners country and collection of good practices instrumental to the upcoming market analysis, and benchmarking. Until now, we have identified 111 stakeholders, being the research based on organisations concerned about the visually impaired and blind people; and also, organisations in the field of cultural heritage and creativity for our specific audience. The stakeholders mapping and market analysis, as well the benchmarking, will provide bases for our tourism product design assessment that will be developed soon!
A key milestone was then represented by the website, which was launched with the official address, and it is already available as source for the main information of the project, how it works and who are the international partners.

But we have just getting started! Social media are up&running and we hope to get in touch with you all via our official social media: Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.


Participation, sharing, cooperation is at the forefront of the EU UNESCO4ALL TOUR Project, so we’d love to hear from you.
Contact us via:

  • Marika Mazzi Boém – Coordinator (partnership and info)
    Senior Project Manager – X23 Srl


  • Fabio D’Agnano – WP4L (Tooteko Ring and Technology info)
    Team Leader – Tooteko Srl

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