EU UNESCO4ALL TOUR workshops: 4 countries, different premises, stakeholders, learning activities, practical advices and World Heritage built sites!

To aggregate EU UNESCO4ALL TOUR services, each participating country (Italy, Spain, Croatia, Bulgaria) have organised a workshop addressed to local stakeholders (SMEs, public/private stakeholders of the tourism, creative and cultural sector, visually impaired people and blind associations, cultural NGOs, etc.), providing products/services that comply with the selected common criteria and in line with the best accessible standards. We can clearly see how the public is answering to this battle slogan:

Let’s engage!

Each of the project partner Rakursi –for Bulgaria, Typchological museum- for Croatia, Granada- for Spain, X23, Tooteko, Antenna- for Italy have provided the fantastic trainings, where the people could not only discover what is EU UNESCO4ALL Tour project but also discuss such important topics/ issues such as:

  • Accessible tourism features;
  • Difficulties, which are faced by people with disabilities;
  • What are the programs, which help vi people;
  • What obstacles are in accessible tourism;
  • How the museums can implement accessible exhibitions;
  • What are the requirements of vi people;
  • How can the public be more involved in such activities;
  • Who really are the people, who attended the accessible exhibitions;
Rakursi Gallery, Bulgaria

After the very careful check by a Bulgarian partner, the right stakeholders were chosen to attend the workshop. It took place in Sofia, a cosy, interesting and marvellous Rakursi Gallery, with its own identity and open for all media of art. It works with renowned artists and supports young ones. It realizes its own curatorial projects and collaborates with artists and institutions on different programs.

The Gallery lives, following the slogan:

“Our play becomes work, our work turns into a fest and the fest into a play!”

Should it be mentioned, how excited were the stakeholders, then? We all know they were amazed!

Basilica di Aquileia, Italy

Of course, each of the locations was different with its special highlights. Take as an example, fascinating Basilica of Aquileia, as it is today, in Romanesque-Gothic style. The inside is majestic and solemn and pervades us with a deep spirituality, which has grown along with the centuries.


The Italian partner decided to provide a workshop in the historical site, Basilica of Aquileia, a largest and most admired monument not only in reason of the Romanesque-Gothic style, with their exceptional mosaic pavement but also because played a key role in the evangelization of a vast region of central Europe!

Basilica di Aquileia, Italy
Basilica di Aquileia, Italy

The participation of SMEs was particularly enhanced. The project succeeded to gather a lot of different stakeholders and received a lot of positive feedbacks! The cultural NGOs, CCIs and many others received extremely important info about EU UNESCO4ALL project. The main speciality about this place is not only all the professionals who gathered that day but also a holy place WHERE they gathered.

The peculiar activities were held by the Croatian partner, The Typhlological Museum! The attendees had a chance to challenge themselves, try on the “shoes” of VI people! And that’s how it appeared at the end! More, that 30 people have participated in the activities, carefully planned by the professionals in the accessible tourism field.

The workshop in Croatia, activity
Workshop in Zagreb, Croatia

Thanks to the efforts of EU UNESCO4ALL TOUR partners we succeeded to gather the amazing results! Co-design, co-creation with the local tourism providers and cultural stakeholders for the benefit of visually impaired people. Step by step we’re coming closer to the most fascinated part of our project, involving all the main actors in the touristic field!

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Elia Vlachou – Communication Manager

Fabio D’Agnano – WP4L (Tooteko Ring and Technology info)
Team Leader – Tooteko Srl


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