EU UNESCO4ALL AWARD: Recognition of excellency in accessibility

A Very Special Award: celebrating the commitment of museums and heritage sites dedicated to offering accessible services for all


EU UNESCO4ALL TOUR is an innovative, transnational European project aiming to develop high-technology tools enabling access to cultural heritage for visually impaired people and to educate professionals in the fields of accessible tourism.

The main stakeholders of the project include tourism professionals, cultural heritage experts, as well as the whole spectrum of people with disabilities. The World Health Organization estimates that 15% of the global population, roughly 1 billion people, live with some form of disability, requiring special access to tourism infrastructures, services and products. EU UNESCO4ALL will raise awareness on accessibility and inclusion issues related to cultural heritage tourism.

With the introduction of legislations and regulations at European and international level against any form of discrimination of people with disabilities, museums are engaged in implementing physical adjustments in order to facilitate access to their spaces.

This adaptation is a big challenge, addressed in various levels: the principles of Universal Design ensure accessibility and inclusiveness, while New Technologies open fascinating perspectives aiming at specific disabilities but also offering new possibilities to all categories of museum visitors.

Within this framework, EU UNESCO4ALL intends to develop a UNESCO4ALL European Museum Award, which will be delivered by the European Museum Academy (EMA). EMA is an independent non-profit foundation dedicated to improving the performance of museums all over Europe. It has a long experience in recognizing and
awarding excellency in museums, with particular emphasis to the quality of services offered to visitors. Thus, the new special award will encompass all aspects of quality related to accessibility (physical, mental, and social) celebrating the inclusive museum: catering for these special groups not only serves the principle of democratic participation to culture, but also increases quality of life, ensuring social engagement and full citizenship.


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Marika Mazzi Boém – Coordinator (partnership and info)
Senior Project Manager – X23 Srl

Elia Vlachou – Communication Manager

Fabio D’Agnano – WP4L (Tooteko Ring and Technology info)
Team Leader – Tooteko Srl









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