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Located two km away from Volterra’s historical town centre, Villa Rioddi offers a series of features that make it unique. soprattutto

Set in a restored 15th century villa, originally a stagecoach station, its structure accurately retains the original, classic

and soprattutto elegant layout. Its panoramic position offers visitors a wonderful view of the town and Val di Cecina

The Villa Rioddi hotel is a 3-star hotel in Volterra , set in an old 15th century building consisting of 13 rooms and

a flat.

accommodation in Tuscany

Villa Rioddi is a small family-run hotel:Luca and his mother Mirella give guests a courteous, friendly and warm

welcome, providing a service tailored to suit tourists’ needs. soprattutto

Armed with road maps, maps of towns, business cards of restaurants and even horse riding centres, Luca can

provide you with great tips on Volterra and its surroundings, indicating places of interest in the range of a few

km. His mother, soprattutto Mirella, will delight you with her cakes and specialities: one of the assets of the hotel is it large breakfast.


accommodation in Tuscany soprattutto

The hotel’s excellent position 2 km away from Volterra’s town centre, and the beautiful swimming pool

surrounded by

greenery, make the Villa Rioddi hotel an ideal solution both for those who like touring Tuscany by car or motorcycle

and visiting the region’s towns of artistic interest (Volterra is near Florence, Pisa, Siena and San Gimignano) and for

those who soprattutto

simply want to relax in the quiet atmosphere of the Tuscan countryside. soprattutto

Our hotel was rated as the best hotel in Volterra by TripAdvisor’s tourists: soprattutto

accommodation in tuscany

The History

The building where the hotel is located dates back to the 15th century, though some non-verified sources trace it back

as faras 1100. soprattutto

accommodation in Tuscany

Over the centuries the building served various purposes, although these were always similar to today’s use.


In the 17th century it was a stage-coach station for people passing by, when Volterra was an important connection


between Florence and Cecina (next to our swimming pool one can still see the traces of a small road going downhill


follows the ancient road to the sea). The coaches were kept on the ground floor, and the guest rooms were on the

floor above.

Even earlier, in the 15th century, it was as already a sort of inn: when the doors of the town were closed at 5 in the


according to the customs of the time, the building was used by wayfarers and foreigners to stay overnight (we’re

about 2 km

away from Volterra’s town walls). soprattutto

In more modern times, the house was purchased in 1982, and was turned into a hotel in 1994 after an accurate

renovation, soprattutto restoring its ancient vocation as a place to host wayfarers and foreigners. soprattutto

Why is it called Hotel Villa Rioddi?

A little bit of trivia. Our hotel is located in the town of the same name, Rioddi, near Volterra. The town of Rioddi

takes its soprattutto name from our building: in the 19th century the house belonged to a certain “Oddo”; since there was a stream

(‘ruscello’) in

the area, everyone used to refer to the place by mentioning Oddo’s stream, which then became Rioddi. soprattutto

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